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Reviving Your Parish...One Soul at a Time


Inspired in part by Venerable Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen, JMJ Missions is a team of Catholic evangelists dedicated to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ by being "all things to all people," yet fully in-step with the Catholic faith. Whether it's through in-person talks, online videos, our podcast, or our social media presence, we hope to inspire souls to know and understand the reality of God and His unconditional love. For more info about who we are and why we do this, click or tap below. 

Catholic Evangelists, Filmmakers and Speakers


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"Dan is an enthusiastic, uplifting, and very knowledgeable speaker! Since the first mission he conducted, our parish has invited JMJ Missions back several times and each engagement has resulted in good feedback from the people." 

     -Fr. Chris Colavito, St. John Neumann Parish, Mount Laurel, NJ. 



Invite Dan Palmieri to give a full parish mission or ministry talk, or Anthony McCullough to speak to your religious education students. Both are passionate, experienced speakers who have been speaking to various audiences for over a decade.

Speaking Videos


Our goal is to spread the the Gospel by all means possible. This includes our professionally-edited YouTube videos, our active social media presence, and our biweekly podcast where we explore spiritual topics in a feel-good, natural, yet orthodox way.