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JMJ Missions

Catholic evangelists from New Jersey, attempting to inspire souls by all means in Christ.

Consisting of Anthony McCullough, Rocco Taraborrelli, and Daniel Palmieri, JMJ Missions is a Catholic evangelization team dedicated to spreading the Gospel by all means - one soul at a time. The name "JMJ" stems from the iconic inscription of one of our inspirations, Venerable Archbishop Fulton Sheen, who inspired thousands with his charisma through TV and radio in the 1950's and 60's. Be it as live speakers, YouTubers, social media influencers, or podcasters, we hope to help those we encounter to understand God's existence and love for them, in some small way. 

The three of us grew up distant from faith and spirituality in our teen years. However, life-changing events occurred as young adults, which opened us up to the reality of God, His Church, and His unconditional love. After having been touched by the Lord intensely in our own personal lives, we believe it's our turn to bring the hope and joy of Christ to others. We want to do this in a fun, natural, and firmly Catholic way. The message of Christianity is that every single person is truly known, loved, and cared for by a God that does exist, even in our darkest moments when it's hardest to believe. An awareness of this beautiful reality has the power to bring the world out of the darkness in which it has found itself. It's our hope that our efforts help you to experience that reality more profoundly. 

God bless!

Dan, Rocco and Anthony

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