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"Anthony had an inspiring way of connecting the Catholic faith to the reality of being a teenager in today's world."

      - Julianne LaRosa, former DRE, Church of the Holy Family, Sewell NJ

"Dan's talk on Mary as God's Secret Weapon was one of the best talks I've heard in a while. It gave me an even greater love and insight for the indispensable role that Mary has in deepening our faith in Christ."

     - Fr. Alain Caparas, Pastor, Mary Mother of Mercy Parish, Glassboro NJ. 


Dan Palmieri

Parish Talks and Multi-Day Missions/Retreats, University Audiences and Individual Groups

Dan Palmieri is a former seminarian (in good standing), experienced youth minister, and theology instructor who has been speaking and leading prayer groups for over a decade. He is nearing completion in graduate studies in theology through the Augustine Institute (Denver, CO) and is able to speak at any general parish event or ministry, from multi-day parish missions, to academic presentations, to high school retreats. He has spoken on a wide range of spiritual and theological topics, and can also craft new talks if necessary, depending on the unique needs of a congregation. He has spoken at dozens of locations and events across the Dioceses of Camden and Trenton to audiences of all ages. 


Dan's typical speaking style is enthusiastic, informal and relatable. His talk titles include Set the World on Fire, Source & Summit: The Holy Eucharist, Bringing Your Loved Ones Back to God, and many others (for a full list of titles and descriptions, click/tap here). Printed, designed handouts of talking points are available to the attendees for most talks. Some talks include slides for the benefit of those in attendance. For events outside New Jersey, Delaware and eastern Pennsylvania, please contact Dan directly at


Anthony McCullough

Confirmation Retreats, Religious Education Talks & Middle School Youth Events

Anthony McCullough is an experienced youth minister, current high school theology teacher, and evangelist for JMJ Missions. He is completing graduate studies in theology via the Augustine Institute (Denver, CO). He is an engaging speaker who has spoken on a multitude of topics to different age groups. As a teacher, Anthony is especially well-versed in speaking to middle school youth and is available for any religious education speaking needs. This includes everything from individual classes, to entire student bodies, to youth group, to Confirmation retreats! 

Our most popular youth event is a half-day Confirmation retreat, planned and run completely by JMJ Missions. For this event, both Anthony and Dan will come to the parish and run an entire retreat that includes engaging ice-breaker activities, multimedia presentations, prayer, and talks that increase understanding and enthusiasm for the Sacrament of Confirmation. To see more info on this package and other youth engagements, click/tap here. Anthony can also give the keynote talk for pre-planned retreats. His speaking style is relatable, utilizing inspiring stories from the lives of the Saints and his interesting conversion witness testimony to help clearly deliver his message. 

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