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Daniel Palmieri

FOR A LIMITED TIME! Due to the financial effects of COVID-19 on parishes, Dan is offering FREE  parish missions in 2021! Only good will offerings from attendees to be taken.

Dan Palmieri is a former seminarian (in good standing), youth minister, and theology teacher who has been speaking on a wide range of topics to various audiences for nearly a decade. He is currently completing graduate studies in theology at the Augustine Institute, and is able to speak at any general parish event or ministry, from four-day parish missions, to academic presentations, to high school retreats. Topics he has spoken on include:

  • Bringing Your Loved Ones Back to God

  • St. Joseph: Man of the Beatitudes

  • Mary - God's Secret Weapon

  • Holiness in a Hybrid World

  • Conversion Witness Testimony

  • Hope in Suffering

  • Logical Reasons for God's Existence

  • The Holy Family: Model of Love

  • and others upon request!

Dan's typical speaking style is energetic, informal and relatable. For any questions, contact Daniel.Palmieri@jmjmissions.com 

Anthony McCullough

Anthony McCullough, is a former seminarian (also in good standing), youth minister, and current middle-school religion teacher. He is an engaging speaker who has spoken on a multitude of spiritual topics to a variety of audiences. As a teacher, Anthony is well-versed in speaking to middle school aged youth and is available for any religious education speaking needs. This includes everything from individual classes, to entire student bodies, to Confirmation retreats! His topics include:


  • The Gifts and Fruits of the Holy Spirit

  • The Saints and our Ordinary Lives

  • Spiritually Prepping for High School

  • Conversion Witness Testimony

  • Finding and Using Your Spiritual Gifts

  • and others upon request!

Anthony has also combined elements of these talks as well. If you have any questions about Anthony, , feel free to contact us at jmjmissions@gmail.com 

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